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PMEU in Water hygiene control:

Tampere Meeting 25.-26.8.2010 slides.

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Novel, rapid instrument for microbial diagnostics

The PMEU (Portable Microbe Enrichment Unit) is accurate, fast and sensitive method for the cultivation, search and detection of microorganisms. It is also an advanced microbiological research tool, opening new windows into the life of the microbes.

The PMEU system reliably recovers bacterial cells, suffering from environmental stresses, from different types of samples.

Advantages to the PMEU users 
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Check PMEU-test results
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PMEU equipment can also be used as a Field Laboratory. PMEU procedures can be combined with all other analytical methods and results can be monitored on-line.

The use of the PMEU as a tool for internal quality checking within the Food Industry, speeds up the access to microbiological analysis results and thus decreases hygiene risks in production. Faster analytical results also shorten the storage time of products before their release from the factory to the market. The PMEU brings cost-savings to research and control activities.

PMEU equipments and methods can be applied to nearly all branches of Industrial Microbiology when following ISO/SFS Standard Tube Methods. Many PMEU applications have been validated together with different bodies, such as the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) and Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT).


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