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Projects in Developing Countries

When severe crises encounter any countries, typical support consists of direct humanitarian aid, eg. food and medical services. Common forms of crisis or development aid have traditionally been projects like those focusing on the reconstruction of critical water supply infrastructure (embankments, wells, irrigation systems). Preparedness to epidemics, catastrophes and environmental crises requires tools like PMEU.

PMEU is an inexpensive way to investigate the hygiene status and conditions in the destination and to benefit from the results of PMEU analyses when starting the necessary cleaning measures. Thanks to the PMEU microbial enrichment procedures, samples can be analysed very quickly which can save human lives. The role of rapid drinking water analyses highlights in developing countries where water supply is usually short. PMEU equipment was used in Mozambique by Savonia University of Technology project for the training and education of Kenyan, South African, Mozambique and Finnish students.


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