Samplion suomeksi   in English

Advantages to users

• enrichment starts immediately after sampling
• applicable outdoors, in industrial plants, in control situations and in laboratories
• cultivation of samples can be started already during transportation and storage

Ideal enrichment conditions
• ideal growth conditions
• samples stay in a representative condition
• applicable for both aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms
• mixing of gases and nutrients are optimal
• incubation temperature and flow rate of air/gas can be controlled

Efficiency of microbe detection
• faster and more accurate results
• shortens (depending on the microbial species) the detection periods for several hours or even days
• minor sub-populations of mixed populations can be rapidly detected
• enhanced detection of environment-stressed microbes
• options to enrich antigens and other biomolecules available

User-friendly operations
• design and properties offer easy use
• no extensive microbiological studies are needed
• training will be supplied by the manufacturer

Economic affordability
• fits with all final analyses and detection methods available
• savings in working time, materials and facilities achievable
• faster and more reliably results = faster decisions

• minimizes the risks of contaminations
• improves the safety of sampling and analytical procedures

Application areas