Samplion suomeksi   in English


1.Repertoire of sold PMEU equipment:
- Research Centres of Pulp and Paper Industry
- Army
- Research Centre of a Food Industry enterprise
- Clean Room project of a Vocational School
- Dental Clinic
- R&D unit of an University of Applied Sciences
- Biotechnological company, Sweden
- Distributor, Japan
- Distributor, Korea
- Pharmaceutical company, Egypt

2. Repertoire of rented equipment:
- Universities and research institutes in Finland and Spain, e.g. Departments of
  Pharmacy, Biotechnology and Agriculture as well as Centres of Expertise
- Problem-solving in a South-European paper mill
- Development project in Mozambique
- Contamination study in a brewery

3. Custom research projects, performed by FINNOFLAG Ltd. in INNOCUM / Siilinjärvi, in the facilities of the customers or on the field:
- Microbiological mapping of the water pipe network for waterworks of Kuopio
  City (Kuopion Vesi Ltd.)
- Determinations of sludge- and airborne bacteria of waste water treatment
  plants (control of occupational health)
- Water environment projects in Northern Savo and Stockholm areas
  (with Karolinska Institutet)
- Joining in a project, focused on the introduction of sampling systems as well
  as several projects to map the transmission of microbes in atmosphere, in air
  and in buildings
- Finnish and Austrian universities
- Research centres of Pulp and Paper Industry
- Problem-solving for a paper mill's biological waste water treatment plant
- Training seminars for Pulp and Paper Industry by AEL
  (major Finnish training company)
- Dairies
- Pharmaceutical companies, incl. testing of the products
- Hospital bacteria mapping of the intensive care unit for newborn babies in an
  university hospital
- Mould investigations in the kindergartens, on the farms and in the schools
  (in cooperation with research institutions)
- Microbiological mapping of a barn (with a pharmaceutical company)
- Mapping of foodborne bacteria for a company
- Hygiene investigation of an industrial production line
- Hygiene investigation of the water tank of a passanger ship
- Exploitation survey for the potato industry waste

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